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All essential online marketing tools and advertising on one place.Complete system that works consistently with amazing ease, that anyone can use.


Internet Business Platform, created for beginners and advanced marketers as well.


The system is created to work as an online resource and support platform for every marketer.

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Our Command Team:

Team Commander

Kris Ellis: Is our Team Commander of Team Echo 10K Club. He is a Retired Army Veteran and Email Marketing Specialist.

Team Captain

Sandra Hibbard: Is our Cpanel and Technical Guru. She is a Disabled Army Veteran with 8 years experience in Marketing and 23 years experience in HTML Webpage Design and 8 years experience in Word Press Site Design.

Team Captain

Charles McClure: is a long time website owner and lead generating specialist. Charles is a Contractor during the day and loves helping others build their online business. Charles is just returning from his extended vacation and is looking forward to helping you learn how to be successful online.

Team Captain

Elizabeta Ramsak: is a multi-talented lady that hails from Slovenia. She has over 7 years online marketing experience and over 2 years traffic exchange ownership experience. She also has experience in creating online marketing campaigns, health n wellness marketing and administrator training experience.

Team Captain

David Hodges: is our creativity and brand thinking Guru. He has absolutely blown us away since he joined our team and he's been wowing us ever since. There is nothing he can’t do when it comes to producing outstanding people-focused work.

Team Captain

Elizabeth Reed: has an Associates degree in Business Administration with a minor in Business Accounting and for over 10 years has been trying to start her own business to help others. She has over 7 years online marketing experience, less than a year email marketing program administrator experience and a driven passion for helping others see and believe the best in themselves

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